COORDINATE ALL RANGE USE THROUGH VENUE OPERATOR ROBERT ROSSER AT 307.277.0318 and / or robert.m.rosser@gmail.com

CMBC hosts an OPEN Range at least once a week based on staff availability. This will be posted ahead of time. Range use is $10/day per person for CMBC Members unless previously arranged Group Lesson Fees have been paid. Next open range March 16th 4-5:30PM, Wednesday. Please RSVP by calling 307.277.0318 or Rob. Staff will have membership paperwork onsite if CMBC Membership is not paid. CMBC accepts cash or check (as our PayPal account is currently undergoing maintenance).

  1. Must have Natrona County Nordic pass on person when utilizing biathlon facility.
  2. Must have CMBC Membership (for insurance purposes). 
  3. Must be Red Book Certified.
  4. Must have certified RSO for every 6 lanes being used.
  5. Must have valid USBA membership.
  6. Targets must be painted after use each session.
  7. Pickup spent brass and place in 5 gallon bucket.