Thank You to our Program Supporters!

Donors and Volunteers are at the heart of Casper Mountain Biathlon Club’s mission. Our mission to provide opportunity and training for youth and adults of all abilities to achieve excellence through the sport of Biathlon is not possible without the generosity of folks like you.

While we strive for excellence in Biathlon, more importantly, we strive for excellence through Biathlon. The unique combination of biathlon engages the whole person by incorporating the aerobic physical exhilaration of skiing and the mental focus and composure required for precision marksmanship. It’s a fact that sport makes us better. If you can achieve on the race course you can achieve out in the world. Through biathlon, we learn teamwork, perseverance, friendship and respect. We learn to work hard and push our limits. We learn about having a dream and setting goals. We learn that it’s not always about the results, but rather about the journey. As athletes, if we don’t win or hit our mark, we are better for trying. We learn to grow from our failures and persevere.

"We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit."

Most importantly, we are dedicated to making sure the benefits of biathlon are available to all abilities, all income levels, and all ages. CMBC is the only Paralympic Sport Club in Wyoming serving athletes with disability. CMBC offers scholarships and free & low cost programs for all athletes with financial barriers. CMBC offers introductory to elite programs for ages 8 and up.

We are about dreaming big, aiming high, shooting for the stars, and going for the gold. We need some big guns to help us hit our targets. Donors and Volunteers are the big guns that make it possible.

In a race, every second counts. Just like a race, when it comes to fulfilling our mission, every dollar counts. Exercise excellence in giving, by donating to CMBC. Your gift of any size will make an impact. ˜

Why Support Casper Mountain Biathlon Club?

  • Your support means a youth athlete can receive year round training as they set their sights on making a US Biathlon Junior World Team.
  • Your support means a Veteran with disability can participate in an adaptive training camp as they work toward rehabilitating from a life altering injury.
  • Your support means an elementary student with disability gets to participate in a ski & biathlon program alongside their able bodied classmates.
  • Your support means Casper becomes a destination for World Class Biathlon Programs and Facilities.
Your contribution of any size makes a significant impact on our ability to fulfill the mission of promoting excellence through biathlon. Please consider making a gift today that will directly benefit youth, people with disabilities, biathlon programs and facilities.

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Casper Mountain Biathlon Club
CMBC is in its first phase of a four phase plan to develop a World Class Biathlon & Multi-use facility on Casper Mountain.

Please see the Biathlon Center page for more details on the Biathlon Venue. Construction is scheduled to begin in August of 2015! Contact Cathy at 307-215-4054 or by email to find out how you can support.

Have a direct impact on the mission. Share your passion, skills and talents. CMBC has a variety of volunteer roles available. For example:

  • Nordic ski and biathlon assistant coaching
  • Youth program volunteers
  • Assist athletes with disabilities
  • Event & range volunteers
  • Marketing, fundraising, office support

For more information on how you can help, contact Cathy at 307-215-4054 or by email.

CMBC is a nonprofit organization exempt from federal income tax under section 501 (c) (3) of the IRS code. Charitable gifts are deductible as allowed by this code. IRS Number 27-0653711. If you have any questions, please contact our office at: 307.215.4054 or