Casper Mountain Outdoor Center

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Casper Mountain Outdoor Center at McMurry Mountain Park


CMBC’s vision is to provide a unique gateway of opportunity for those of all abilities to grow, develop and excel through the sport of biathlon.

The Venue: The heart of this unique gateway is the construction of a 30 point, world class, Biathlon and Multi-Sport Venue on Casper Mountain. Natrona County and the Casper Mountain Biathlon Club have built a Cross Country Ski and Biathlon Venue on Casper Mountain adjacent to the current Nordic Ski Trails.  The venue will serve as a competition and training site for summer and winter biathlon, adaptive recreation programs for people with disabilities, cross country skiing, running, and mountain biking events. This venue, when completed, will establish Casper as a premier national training and competition destination for cross country skiing and biathlon as well as enhance the local economy, increase public land on Casper Mountain and increase local recreation opportunities.  Phase 1 has been completed.  Phase 2 is underway.  One of the major goals of Phase 2 is to built 5 kilometers of paved pathways that will serve roller ski racing and training loops as well as public recreational trails.

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Features of the New Facility:

  • 30-point 50-meter .22 cal biathlon range providing Summer and Winter use for biathlon
  • 20-point 10-meter paralympic biathlon range providing Summer and Winter use for athletes with disability. Athletes use air rifles or electronic audio rifles for the visually impaired.
  • FIS (International Ski Federation), IBU (International Biathlon Union) & IPC (International Paralympic Comittee) Standard Race Course providing Winter use for biathlon and nordic races, including junior high, high school, regional, paralympic, state, citizen, national and continental level races
  • Nordic Trails providing Winter use for public recreational cross country skiing, biathlon, snowshoeing, fatbike and orienteering
  • Race Course & Trails providing Summer use for biathlon, trail running, hiking, mountain biking, orienteering and equestrian
  • 5k paved lit roller ski loop (phase 2) providing Summer use for biathlon, rollerskiing, walking/running, great for wheelchair users, roller blading. This will provide a great training loop and will keep roller skiers off the roads which is a huge bonus for roller ski safety!
  • Stadium/Start/Finish Area providing year-round use for hundreds of spectators to watch all types of events

PHASE 2 Goals.   Paving is underway!

  • 5 km of paved pathways (1 km complete including paved firing line)
  • Playground Structures
  • Outdoor Fitness Structures
  • Nordic Skier Cross Terrain features

PHASE 1 Completed Construction Results

Phase 1 Construction

Initial Venue Design: Amec Foster Wheeler

Project Engineers & Oversight: Inberg-Miller Engineering

Project Contractor: Wayne Coleman Construction

Trail Designer: Morton Trails

Phase 1 Completed January, 2017

  • Secure location, Susan McMurry deeded 40 acres to Natrona County June 2015
  • Certified Engineer Range Design and Environmental Stewardship Plan
  • Purchase twenty one 50 meter targets and six 10 meter Paralympic targets. Nine targets had been previously purchased by CMBC
  • Site timber clearing
  • ADA accessible road leading from parking lot to stadium/range area
  • All dirt work for the full 30 lanes and ski loops
  • 10 km of trail construction designed to meet homologation standards for International Ski Federation (FIS), International Biathlon Union (IBU) and International Paralympic Committee (IPC) in addition to the existing trails.
  • Completion of the lower (crushed rock material) parking lot
  • Electrical power drop to site with full project capacity
  • Install LED lighting at parking lot, central venue trails and range
  • Storage container placed at range
  • Install 30 lanes of 50 meter targets with concrete pad, roofing, lead catchers and lighting
  • Complete concrete firing line for full 30 points
  • Construct one heated building at the parking lot to serve as storage and groomer parking
  • Build 2 elevated trails with pedestrian underpass to keep spectators off of groomed race courses
  • Construct a heated timing hut at the finish area
  • Install fencing around range backstop area
  • Purchase of needed facility equipment such as gun racks, program rifles and race equipment
  • Purchase Nordic & Biathlon specific race timing system (BART Timing)
  • Install venue audio system
  • Install video security surveillance system that also serves as race play back and has event streaming capabilities.
  • Install trail and range wayfinding and safety signage
  • Purchase grooming implement, track vehicle and trailer
  • Obtain Ski Fleet for use in school & introductory programs.  60 sets of skis were donated from the “Nordic Rocks” for school programs and another 40 sets of used rental gear were purchased from Mountain Sports at a very generous discount.

Casper Mountain Biathlon Venue will enhance our community:

  • Increase recreation opportunities
  • Increased public land on Casper Mountain
  • Multi-use area that would support a variety of activities and user groups
  • Venue will allow for increased use of existing trail system
  • Local athletes will benefit from a destination venue and Olympic/Paralympic training site
  • Unique project; Wyoming will become a leader in the sport of Biathlon
  • Promotes lifelong, healthy activity for youth, adults and people with disabilities
  • Sport teaches sportsmanship and discipline ultimately creating better citizens and stronger communities
  • Recognition as a contributor to the US Olympic and Paralympic athlete pipeline
  • Fits local culture: outdoor recreationalists and shooting enthusiasts
  • When completed, this venue will be the premier range in North America

It will also enhance our local economy:

  • The Venue will establish Casper as a Biathlon destination and attract athletes to live in and train in Casper on temporary and permanent basis
  • Makes Casper a more attractive place to live for prospective residents and businesses
  • Biathlon Races, events and camps will bring overnight visitors into Casper
  • Upon completion the venue will host large races such as US Biathlon Nationals, North American Championships, National Guard Biathlon Championships, North American Roller Ski Championships, US Biathlon Summer Championships, Team Trials, local and regional races and more.
  • This venue will also serve as a competition site for X-country skiing, X-country running, mountain biking as well as other types of shooting that fit within the range safety perimeters.
  • According to economic impact calculations (WBC), In the first five years of operation the venue is expected to contribute to our local economy 3.6 million in total spending and over $250,000 in local and state tax revenue
  • Job creation in the non-profit sector (3 to 5 full time positions and 3 to 5 part time positions)
  • Casper Biathlon Team and Wyoming National Guard Biathlon Team will no longer have to travel to Colorado, Montana or Utah to train, thus keeping their dollars local

Join Our Growing List of Leadership Circle Contributors!

  • City of Casper 1 Cent
  • Wyoming Business Council - Community Enhancement Grant
  • Natrona County 1 Cent
  • McMurry Family (40 Acre Land Donation)
  • Natrona County Joint Powers Recreation Board
  • Daniels Fund
  • Keith & Diane Tyler
  • Wyoming Recreational Trails Grant
  • Garlick Family Charitable Fund
  • Hill Top National Bank
  • Casper Area Economic Development Alliance
  • Verdad Foundation
  • Goodstein Foundation
  • Wyoming Community Fund
  • Mangus Family

In-Kind Supporters

  • Natrona County Parks
  • Brubaker Construction
  • Compression Leasing Services, Inc
  • AMEC
  • CEPI
  • Inberg-Miller Engineering
  • Wayne Coleman Construction
  • Wyoming Steel and Recycling Iron and Metals, Inc.
  • Richard B Gruner

Range Supporters $100 - $4999 Level

  • Mary Thomas
  • Casper Nordic Club
  • Rob & Cathy Rosser
  • Gary Salveson
  • Russ & Becky Myer/Capital Region Nordic Alliance
  • John Farra
  • Rick & Brittany Aune

Your tax-deductible contribution of any size will make an impact on current construction needs. Ultimately, your gift will make a difference in creating a more vibrant Natrona County in addition to enhancing CMBC’s ability to foster excellence through biathlon.

If you are interested in supporting the project in any way, please visit our Support page or contact Cathy at 307-215-4054 or by email.

Donations can be mailed to:

1110 East End Road
Casper, WY 82601

Facility Usage Tracking
Casper Mountain Biathlon Club is responsible for managing trails at the Casper Mountain Outdoor Center at McMurry Mountain Park. We use people counters to gather data on trail use. This data helps us to better understand and manage our trails, to prepare usage reports and can also be used when applying for grants and other funding.
We use TRAFx TRAFx Infrared Trail counters

For Immediate Release: Casper Mountain Biathlon & Multi-Sport Complex Construction Update
September 22, 2015
Contact: Cathy Rosser 307-215-4054
Wayne Coleman Construction, with oversight and engineering from Inberg-Miller Engineering continues work on the Casper Mountain Biathlon & Multi-Sport Complex located at 1110 East End Road on Casper Mountain. Wayne Coleman Construction was awarded the publicly bid contract on August 18th and commenced work shortly thereafter. While the project construction started later than originally expected, Phase 1 is still on track to be completed in time to be operational this winter. Clearing of timber and stripping & storing of topsoil according to WDEQ regulations, are mostly complete on the 13-acre area. The earthwork for the venue is approximately 70% complete and should be completed by mid-October. The finish grading for the venue and construction of the biathlon specific shooting range will begin at that time.
The electrical work for the facility is scheduled near the end of October with the installation of two new electrical poles along East End Road and the trenching of a new electric line under the roadway. The pedestrian underpasses are currently being reviewed by structural engineers and are slated to be installed in mid-October. The crushing of base material for construction of the maintenance road for the venue will occur in the next two weeks. Trail clearing has commenced and 2.5 km have been cleared to date to the proposed width of 20 to 30 feet. Trail width varies depending on the terrain. At completion of Phase 1, a total of 7 km of trails are scheduled to be cleared and 3 km of existing trails will be widened. The 20 to 30 foot width is required for homologation standards. Homologation is the process of certifying or approving the venue to indicate that it meets regulatory standards set by IBU (International Biathlon Union, FIS (International Ski Federation and IPC (International Paralympic Committee). Meeting homologation standards is necessary in order to host sanctioned events and is one of the defining aspects of this venue that will set it apart from other ski and biathlon venues in the country.
All storm water control measures are in place in accordance with the Wyoming Department of Environmental Quality (WYDEQ) approved Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan. WYDEQ has inspected the best management practices for storm water protection with no areas of concern noted. Inspections will continue over the length of the project. Dust control measures are being performed on the construction site and on East End Road. Seed blankets have been ordered and will be installed to reseed and prevent the erosion of slopes once earthwork is finished. Tree re vegetation will be ongoing after earthwork is complete.
Timber continues to be removed from the site by 71 Construction for use by the City in its North Platte River restoration project. A Wyoming Conservation Corps crew started work on site 9/21/15 to help with timber management and the construction of buck rail fence using on site timber. Any remaining timber will be chipped to create a soft trail surface. Phase 1 originally proposed installing 9 of the 30 targets. Thanks to some cost savings, it is expected that all 30 targets will be installed this fall ahead of schedule.
At this time phase 1 is on budget and on time. Operations at the venue are expected to begin in the winter 2015/2016. Check the Casper Mountain Biathlon Club facebook page or at for project updates.